Hypnosis for Happiness

All of life has a natural innate desire to thrive, when we are no longer thriving something has gone wrong. 

To change our life we can take a giant step or smaller steps towards our ideals. Most of my clients that come to me depressed are also poor. They are using the excuse that they don’t care about money for why they have none, yet, if they had money most of their problems would go away. These people do not know how to try 200 times to make it. They do not believe that those that are living their dreams, tried 200 times, and fell 199 times. It is the fall that proceeds success!

Happiness is a Pursuit, which takes courage. “Courage” is the key to success, it’s not the courage to pursue dreams, but rather to get up again after every horrible disappointment, and start over…

Hypnosis taps into your intuition, your GPS guide to find your dreams, if you have none, or to guide you towards them if you do. All you have to do is be willing to pursue them falling 199 times. (The number 199 is a Hyperbole, it could be more or less, depending on how good your intuition is….:)

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