Hypnosis for Addictions

Hypnosis works for addictions, especially smoking because the nicotine is out of your system within 3 days. So, your body has no chemical craving at this point, it’s all in your mind. So, Hypnosis for smokers works when you decide to quit, during the initial withdraws and after quitting, because we can focus your hypnosis sessions on the other “triggers” that you have used for your excuse to smoke.

Addictions to alcohol or drugs is a bit harder to overcome, then giving up cigarettes. Ideally, it takes a combination of Alcoholics Annonymous and possibly medical help, before Hypnotherapy can be successful. Hypnosis is designed to change your thought patterns, not handle the chemical reactions that the body goes through when you first stop drinking or using pain pills. If you are a serious drinker or have become dependent on pain pills or other drugs, then you will need to detox for several days, and ideally, attend Alcoholics Annonymous before booking with me. Hypnotherapy is another powerful tool, which will help you love your thoughts about yourself again, which will give you the confidence to succeed in the world without a crutch or drink to escape your life.

After your hypnosis session I will be teaching you “Self-Hypnosis” so that when our sessions are over, you will not be dependent on me, but your strong and confident mind. Hypnosis is the perfect tool to build your confidence back up again.

“If you find yourself in hell, stay on your horse and ride through hell. If you get off your horse, you will stay in hell.”

This is about staying sober, no matter what happens in your life. Getting off the horse offers nothing but more hell.

If you are on the edge drinking too much wine at night and looking up a hypnotist to help you stop drinking, then you are in trouble. There are all kinds of daily drinkers, even the one bottle a night drinker. The bottom line is you are escaping from a life that you don’t love, therefore the drinking life is better. It will also age you rapidly and ruin your health, so get help immediately in a ( women or men’s AA meeting ) and then come see me. Search in google for Alcoholics Annonymous, then punch your city and state into their website and it will give you meeting locations and times. Dr. David R. Hawkins state that AA meetings have the ability to heal you by just sitting in them. They have the “highest energy frequency” on the planet, it is the love that loves you until you can love your self—”Unconditional Love.” The innate state of life, before man is programmed with other people’s beliefs. 🙂 

Call me when you are sober. And get ready for the life of your wildest dreams!

Take Care, Kelly Granite 215-840-0684