Life Extension & Anti-Aging

  1. Life Extension & Anti-Aging Hypnotherapy is used to travel deep within the mind to change our thoughts about aging, which the body responds to with complete confidence. The body will take mental cues to repair damaged tissue with new tissue.
  2. The mind in a relaxed state can focus clearly on an ideal intention, such as creating motivation to exercise, brush your teeth more often, or change the types of foods you crave. It is scientifically proven that sugar ages us, as well as alcohol, and too much caffeine. 
  3. Microbial research has linked healthy bacteria to a youthful body. The body is made up of 90 percent bacteria, and when this becomes disturbed by stress, it can age us quickly, from a tirade of conditions. Hypnotherapy works on balancing this bacterium and reducing our stress.
  4. Hypnotherapy for Anti-Aging focuses on reducing the inflammation in the body, which is a precursor to other diseases and conditions, like Ulcerative Colitis, Diabetes, Obesity, Depression, and Anxiety. A poor diet and stress may cause an irregular bacterial composition in our gut, which can cause rapid aging.
  5. Each Hypnotherapy session will be individualized to repair areas of concern, and enhance those that are healthy, by encouraging them to thrive to their optimal level.
  6. The body repairs itself during our sleep, hypnosis takes this one step further, using the brain waves Alpha and Theta, which is a “heightened focused state” to create direct messages to the body with the desired outcome.  When you decide to care about your body at this level, your mind will naturally extend your life span.  A body that is stress-free will create natural healing, cellular restoration, and rejuvenation!