Hypnosis for Dating: Confidence Building

Hypnosis for Dating is a fun session, which is designed to build your confidence so that you can have a good time on a date. It will also help you get back out there in the world, where you can meet interesting people, doing exciting things! We will talk for about 20 minutes about your ideal outcome, after which I will take you on a personalized hypnosis session, which will bring your goals into reality. Your dates can be full of activities that you love. I can also help you with the details of your dating adventure, by giving you tips for your “online dating profile” and teaching you how to “wink” or write back to potential dates for optimal results. This is a fabulous time in your life and if you do not see it this way, then Hypnosis, NLP and EFT Tapping can help to change your mind about dating, and maybe even bring the greatest love of your life right to your door! Whether you are looking for the girl next door, or a good looking Fireman, this session is pure fun!



Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Mastering Flexibility

You Are Perfect To Me

“You must realize that what you are cannot be seen in a mirror.
What you see in a mirror is but a dim reflection of your true reality.” 


“There will be certain cornerstone encounters in each persons life 
that are set up as strong probabilities or as plans to be grown into.”

Self Love

“You cannot love your neighbor, in fact, until you love yourself, and if you believe that it is wrong to love yourself, then you are indeed unable to love anyone else.”

Present Moment Point of Power

the point of power is the present, and from that moment you choose which you, and which world. The experience of a country is the cumulative result of the choice of each individual in it, so as you choose your own circumstances you affect each other person within your country and your world.”