Hypnosis to Over Come Grief

Hypnotherapy to over come grief is not designed to help you forget the one you love, but rather to help you stop the habitual thought patterns that are cycling into depression. When something terrible happens to us, or a loved one in our life, we may start to have repetitive sad thoughts. If these type of thoughts continue without getting help, they can become harder and harder to get out of our mind, because “depression” sets the mind in a physical visible way. My advice to you is to seek medical help prior to coming to me for a hypnosis session, because, you may or may not need temporary medication to help your mind chemically break free from this negative thought cycle.

Hypnosis would be a great next step. Love is beautiful when it is given and received, but often we do not see it the same when it is not physically felt. Greif allows for a profound learning to occur that can make us open minded for the first time to invisible love, felt in the invisible timeless reality that is equal to physical love, but our minds have not yet expanded to this ideal reality.

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