Hypnosis for Heartbreak

It is the “Heart Break” hypnosis session which I am called to help with the most…… My phone will ring and they will say….”Can you hypnotize me to forget someone?” I reply, “yes, but maybe you would rather create a life so great that what happened will no longer have a negative emotional charge within you.” They respond, ” Ok, but, If I do this… will the person that left me come back?”

We are designed to thrive, and if we are not doing this something went wrong….

A really good relationship supports each other’s dreams and knows the balance of this is optimal for happiness….when it becomes off balance one of the partners may notice that they were living the other person’s dream and not their own.

I teach the method of (saying “yes”, when you want to say Yes and No when you want to say “No”.) The moment you start compromising for others is the moment your ship rocks. A flower thrives stretching towards the sun if it had to bend over all day to make sure the other flowers were thriving it would lose its way. 

Hypnosis Helps The Sun Reach You, and then you can create your ideal reality and shine with a partner in a relationship that thrives individually and together. The ideal realationships…:)

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