Hypnosis to Stop Migraines

A doctors letter may be needed for Hypnotherapy for Migraines because hypnosis can hide the pain that may be there as a sign for medical treatment. There have been many studies stating that migraines can be the result of food allergies. It would be wise to rule out other symptoms of migraines, like a test to see if you are allergic to dairy or having a reaction to sugar. Dr. Richard R. Hawkins, a Pysiciatist wrote in his book, “Power versus Force: The determinants of human behavior” that a Psychiatric hospital which he worked in had requested the parents of all the children that were seeking help for their children’s mental issues stop giving the kids sugar for 60 days before their appointment. In almost every case the child’s symptoms went away and they did not need the doctor’s appointment.

After you have exhausted all the medical reasons for migraines, you can say goodbye to the pain with your hypnosis session and the tools you will take home to reinforce it.  Keeping in mind 3 to 5 hypnosis sessions to uncover your hidden reasons for these headaches appearing, to end this pattern forever.  Call me if you have any questions: Kelly Granite 215-840-0684