Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

  • The Hypnosis session to stop smoking is designed to help you feel comfortable and relaxed, which allows your brainwaves to transition from Beta to Alpha to Theta, which is the state right before you fall asleep, which is the Delta State. When the brain waves are in-between Alpha and Theta State, your analytical questioning mind takes a vacation, allowing the sub-conscious mind to be open to changing habits like Smoking.
  • To get to the Alpha-Theta State your eyes will be closed and you will be taken on a deep progressive relaxation journey. When you are completely relaxed about 10 to 15 minutes into the induction the Hypnotherapist, myself will make suggestions to replace your craving for cigarettes. If you are ready to quit smoking these suggestions will take hold and you never want another cigarette again.
  • After your Hypnosis Session, you will be taught some mental exercises, which is the key to reinforcing your hypnosis session. You will be performing these exercises with “new thoughts”,  twice a day for 5 minutes, when you wake-up, and right before you fall asleep at night. “Self-Hypnosis” is the key to building new neuro-pathways, which when repeated enough times, change the thoughts you have about cigarettes permanently.
  • Remember the book, “Moby Dick?” Captain Ahab used his sheer willpower to throw his pipe into the ocean and never took a puff again once he realized that smoking was no longer for pleasure, but rather it was his addiction. Lucky for you that you have Hypnosis and your own willpower both, to help you throw your cigarettes away for good!
  • The average smoker needs three sessions to work through all the scenarios during which they used to smoke, like when they held a drink with a cigarette or had a cup of coffee in the morning with a cigarette, or the big one, craving a cigarette right after getting off an airplane. You will be given several healthy techniques to choose from to help you replace these moments of cravings with tools guaranteed to work, like the special breathing technique that is scientifically proven to take all cravings away! The Navy Seals use this type of box breathing in their Ocean Diving Training!
  • You will also learn an NLP technique and EFT Tapping, which breaks-up old cravings for cigarette thought patterns. Hypnosis has been proven to work for thousands of smokers; it can work for you too! Think of what you could do with that extra $6,000. a year, if you don’t have to buy cigarettes ever again. Those who wait to stop smoking are often sorry when they find out that carrying a tank of oxygen around to breathe is a horrible reminder that they once had a chance to stop smoking, before it ruined their health. Bring your last pack of cigarettes for the “throwing away ceremony.”  Now, click the red button and book your session! or Call me to book your session 215-840-0684 ~ Kelly Granite