Hypnosis is a great tool for lasting results because it is designed to help you change the thoughts that are sabotaging you. 

Each hypnosis session builds on the next until you have control over your food cravings and feel excited about exercising. The subliminal suggestions for this program are based on boosting your self-confidence and training your mind to crave healthy foods.

Keep in mind at least 4 to 5 Hypnosis Sessions, which is the amount of time it takes to change your “foot imprints.” What are food imprints, you might be asking…. Food Imprints are old thought patterns that play in your head when you get hungry. These thoughts about food trigger your cravings. Imagine how fit you would be if every time you got hungry you reached for an apple or a banana?

In the past, we craved foods to satisfy our emotions, like feeding our boredom, tiredness, or feelings of inadequacy. Yet, the biggest one was feeding our loneliness, the type of loneliness that you can still feel in a room full of people. And to cover these feelings up, we drank alcohol and stuffed ourselves with comfort foods. Hypnosis Breaks Negative Cycles and replaces these old thoughts with personal powerful statements!

Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D., Psychiatrist states that “Like Thoughts” string together! This is why hypnosis is so great—you can replace the “entire group of thoughts” with a new group, and reinforce the new thought pattern with repetition, which creates “New Neuropathways” in the brain. Once these pathways are created, these thoughts will become the dominant ones. You will also learn “Self-Hypnosis,” as part of your session, which will reinforce the empowering thought patterns.

We get what we focus on. There is no other rule. 

If you want a new life, an ideal body, and a happy mind, you must change your thoughts.

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