College Counseling for Teens

Hypnosis is ideal for helping Adolescence understand that being prepared and doing well in school feels good. The key to doing well on a test starts with the ‘thought patterns’ related to how the student feels about taking tests. When the student figures out that being ‘prepared” is fun, because it makes taking the test effortless, they begin to feel good while, learning in class, studying, and, finally taking the test.

Learning in school should be fun, the key is to talk about what that looks like with regards to the required classes that may not all be interesting to everyone, and how to make them interesting.

Anxiety during testing is brought on by fearful thoughts, like failing a test will lead to the worse case scenario, one after another. But, what the student needs to understand, is that a test is taken only to find out what you have learned in class. If for some reason you do not do well on it, you can take the class again, life is long. The student needs to lose the thoughts of a worse case scenario because they are sabotaging their success and the natural love of learning.

Each Hypnosis session is custom designed for the parent and child’s goals, hopefully, they are in alignment, if not the teen has to feel confident to talk to the parent about what may be in conflict and work it out. The Hypnotherapy aspect of the counseling session is key because it removes the limiting belief buried in the child and gives them the “self-hypnosis” education for how to speak to themselves for optimal results.

Any child can learn through “Self-Hypnosis” how to stay calm and relaxed throughout the challenges in school and in life. We spend a great amount of time, mastering this in the first Hypnotherapy Session.

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