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Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Sports at a professional level requires a mind under full control. IMAGINE how easy it would be to make the winning PUTT in a golf game… if suddenly the hole became 6-feet wide? Or visualize yourself as a Triathlete on a long exhausting bike ride up a mountain, when suddenly you imagine that your bike is being pushed up the hill by a powerful train. These thoughts can provide your brain cues that send messages to your autonomic nervous system which changes the control you have over your body. Mental control will give you the edge and determination to WIN! Click the book now button to set your Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) hypnosis session with Kelly Granite Enck, Certified Hypnotherapist, or call if you any questions 215-840-0684. Location Doylestown Hypnosis 278 Paine Street, Doylestown PA 18901 or Capitol Hill, Seattle Wa or by Phone, there is no difference between in-office RRT session or by phone sessions because your eyes will be closed, lets get started today!

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