Hypnosis to Overcome Fears and Phobias

Ask yourself if your mother or your father was afraid of flying? It is believed that ninety percent of the cases where people have a fear of flying, was taught this fear by someone in their family, and as a young child you trusted your caretakers, therefore, believed what they were afraid of was real. Now that you know this you can start by telling yourself that “this fear of flying is not yours”, this is the start to overcoming this taught fear.

In other words, all fears and phobias are taught, and therefore can be untaught. The best way for parents to prevent children from inheriting their fears or phobias is for the adults to acknowledge and evaluate their own fears.  Once we uncover where and at what age you first felt afraid, we can find the underlining belief about this fear, and change its meaning during hypnosis and the fear or phobias will go away!! Self-Hypnosis is taught to help you to change the habitual thoughts, as well as seeing yourself leaving the airport after a flight and calmly driving away. 

Learning to overcome the fear of flying, swimming, bugs, or anything else will free you in every area of your life– because once this fear is understood and resolved you will look at all your future challenges the same way, and be able to replace the underlining limiting belief with beliefs that empower you.

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