Hypnotherapy for Children and Teens

These are my favorite Hypnosis Sessions because kids are amazing, but often they do not believe this, because somewhere in their early childhood, they felt not good enough and began questioning themselves. It is my job as a Hypnotherapist to remind them of their greatness and give them the tools they need to trust their mind and body. Hypnosis for children can take your child’s life to the ultimate level, where your child approves of him/her self and actually likes the thoughts in their head. It is also great for building confidence in school, in making new friends, helping them to enjoy sports and most of all it teaches them that they can trust their own judgment. If you are seeking hypnosis for your child to help her/him to become a better student, then plan for 3 sessions. The first session will be 2 hours of fun, where they tell me all about their life, dreams and what is blocking their success. Together we remove the blocks and the second and third session is to reinforce their goals and confidence building! We start their session with questions about what they love about their life and what they know they are good at sports, being a good friend, loving their brother or sister, and what they love about school. Then we build on this solid foundation of confidence towards what they find challenging. Hypnosis is ideal for helping kids see that being prepared and doing well on tests feels good, but the key is that they need to figure out that being ‘prepared” is the part of the fun, because that makes the test effortless, which makes them feel good while they are taking it.  I love kids and take pride in giving kids and their parents the best advice along with an “amazing hypnosis session” which is designed to help your child learn through “Self-Hypnosis” how to stay calm and relaxed throughout the challenges in life. If you have any questions call me, 215-840-0684, Kelly Granite Enck, Hypnotherapist at Doylestown Hypnosis, in the Historic District of Doylestown.

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