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Kelly Granite Enck, B.A. CHt. Certified Hypnotherapist & Advanced Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Practitioner

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Often in a single Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) hypnotherapy session you can clear lifelong issues with lasting results! Rapid resolution therapy (RRT) is a form of psychotherapy that aims to help individuals permanently overcome the ongoing effects that stem from traumatic experiences. RRT combines hypnosis, guided imagery, stories, and purposeful communication that elicits a response from the subconscious part of the mind to eliminate the challenging effects of trauma. The human mind is known to relate and respond quickly to stories, so with RRT, a new neural pathway is created through visual imagery, storytelling, and metaphors. Unlike traditional cognitive therapy, which only targets the cognitive brain, RRT instead addresses the emotional brain and limbic system. Therefore, RRT treatment is thought, to be not as emotionally painful as clients do not re-experience or expose themselves to their fears. Rapid Resolution Therapy is exhilarating because in most cases, you can clear deep-rooted events and heal in just one 2-hour session. This session is ideal for anyone with Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fears & Phobias, OCD, PTSD, Insomnia, Sexual Trauma, War Trauma, and it clears Bad Habits like Binge Eating, Chain Smoking, and feelings of Grief, Guilt, and Shame. It’s ideal for building Confidence, Improving Relationships, becoming a Powerful and fearless Public Speaker. The RRT Session is exhilarated leaving you feeling empowered and in full control over your brain and life! 

Kelly Granite Enck

B.A. California State University, Northridge

C.Ht. Certified Hypnotherapist

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Advanced Practitioner

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

Self-Hypnosis Instructor


Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) & Silent Brain Training (SBT) via Zoom!

Duke Scientist are proving in mice that (Your Brain On Silent) produces New Adult Brain Cells! Learn how to turn off the Brain Chatter for Peace of Mind & Vital Health! Create a Stronger Happier Brain Today! The Brain will re-wire itself when you discard your limiting beliefs. Every particle in the universe both seen and unseen is seeking its best outcome with joy and vitality, when we humans are not, something has gone wrong. Learn how to put your brain on Silence and return back to your natural state of Thriving!  

Consciousness Creates Form: When your Brain is under your control you will go from victim/reactor of thoughts, to the Silent Brain, where you are the Director/Creator of Your Ideal Reality! Master Your Brain in just one 2-Hour Rapid Resolution Therapy Session! I developed Silent Brain training (SBT) to help my clients turn off their negative inner dialogue, which is the cause of all suffering. Peace and Quiet is all about eliminating the noise in your head.  

There are two definitions of silence, the audio version of silence, when environmental noises are turned off, and the internal silence, when the internal dialogue is turned off. To get to this state of true brain silence, you need to learn how to turn off this inner dialogue.  

The brain loves to protest, judge, and build walls to protect itself, especially if there was an unjust event in early childhood. Clearing the childhood or adult trauma is the first step towards calming the brain’s response to those negative events. When the brain has been allowed to indulge itself with the behavior of running dialogue, no matter how big or how small the negative event, the mental and physical conditions get worse. Rumination is another name for internal dialogue, thoughts creates emotions, feelings, and sensations which contribute to all suffering and illness. 

90% of Brain Growth Happens Before Kindergarten. Incredibly, the brain doubles in size in the first year. The brain keeps growing to about 80% of adult size by age 3, and 90% nearly full grown by age 5. The brain is the command center of the human body. The brain processed events from early childhood, and the brain is still using this data to prevent hurts from happening again, causing the anxiety, all the way into our adulthood. We have thoughts stirring from events in early childhood, which is really the 5 year old brain experiencing the world as if it is going to hurt us again. The early childhood brain tries to process events without the context that adults have, so even what adults would consider small events, can be processed and stored in the child’s brain in a way that can cause distress and rumination though out adult life.  

The benefits of silence on the brain were studied at Duke University by regenerative biologist, Imke Kirste. Rats were given pure silence for 2 hours a day over two weeks. The silence created new hypothalamus cells in the rat’s brain. The hypothalamus is important as it plays a significant role in the endocrine system. The hypothalamus maintains your body’s internal balance, which is known as homeostasis.  

I have created a fun and effective approach to train your brain to be silent, free from the merry-go-round of inner dialogue. After just one Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Session with the Silent Brain Training (SBT) you will have the tools to live in the present moment, free from limiting beliefs, and free from childhood and adult trauma.

The silent brain gives the body a break from the fight or flight autonomic nervous system response caused by the repetitive negative thoughts. The Silent Brain allows you to live in the Present Moment, seeing to it that each step you take is ideally suited towards the outcome you hope to achieve in the end. 

The Silent Brain Training (SBT) works for everyone, with lasting results. If you do the work, you will get the results! I have taught this method to clients as young as 6 years old, up to age 92, with unbelievable results! I have had clients regain their hearing, recover from trauma immediately, fears vanish, intrusive thoughts disappear, and my clients discover their natural state of fearless existence. You have the power to create your Ideal Reality. If you are not creating your ideal state, then the Silent Brain Training (SBT) will help.  

Thoughts are not neutral, they hold energy. Negative thoughts create Anxiety, Fear, obsessive worrying, guilt and anger. Fearful thoughts can put stress on our heart, and other organs. When we are in the state of anxiety, our brain is activating cortisol, as well as affecting our blood pressure, and other physical responses. Letting the brain run wild with fearful thoughts is literally, allowing our brain to scare us. When we go over worse case scenarios in our head to avoid bad things from happening, our brain does not know the difference between real life and imagined, and gives us the negative experiences the trauma imagined. 

Quantum Physics explains how we interact with the electromagnetic fields. In the description of the Electromagnetic Field, our Unseen reality, called by the Cern Instituted Scientists, the Higgs Field, states that whatever we our attention to creates a LUMP in the “electromagnetic field, the Higgs Field, and if ALL of us give something our attention, we create a WOBBLE in the “electromagnetic field,” the Higgs Field. Our consciousness creates our reality. When our brain is acting like it is responding to reality, what is actually happening is it is creating more of the same reality.  If you want to change your physical and emotional reality, you have to change what you focus on, ideally taking your attention away from physical or mental fears, and putting the new focus what you like about life. To become a powerful creator you have to take your attention off anything you do not like, even if the UNWANTED EVENT is staring you directly in the face.  

The brain is hypnotized by negative events, engaging in inner dialogue in protest, which you need to break the habit of, in order to reach these higher levels of consciousness as a deliberate creator. When you train your brain to turn off all the thoughts/data/inner dialogue, the brain becomes quieter and quieter, to the point where you no longer notice any thoughts or inner dialogue, this is the goal of my Silent Brain Training (SBT).  

“The personality is given the greatest gift of all; you get exactly what you want to get. You create from nothing the experience that is your own. If you do not like your experience, then look within yourself and change it. But realize also that you are responsible for your joys and triumphs, and that the energy to create any of these realities comes from the inner self. What you do with it is up to the individual personality.”  ~ Seth  

Everything is endowed with units of consciousness. Our multidimensional reality allows our consciousness to move freely to create and recreate, irrelevant of time and space. Next time you catch yourself in a “inner dialogue,” telling you that you cannot do something, put the brain on silent, like you would your cell phone on an airplane, and create an ideal outcome, then take Action. 

Silent Brain Training (SBT) goes beyond the state of temporary silence that you may have experience during meditation, you will learn how to train the brain to stay silent during all activities. The brain can be trained to be fully absorb in whatever you are creating or doing. When you are in this state of “silent brain,” there is no “Me or I” story, you are literally one with whatever you are creating, in the zone, in the flow, in the Present Moment.

Silence has the opposite effect on the brain compared to noise. While noise may cause stress and tension, silence releases tension in the brain and body. Scientist’s have discovered noticeable improvements in blood pressure and circulation in silent brains vs their noisy counterparts. Silence replenishes our cognitive resources. The tendency to ruminate is an indicator of susceptibility for developing depressive disorder as it has been shown that rumination is a predictor of the onset of this condition (Nolan, Roberts, & Gotlib, 1998; Nolen-Hoeksema, 2000; Roberts, Gilboa, & Gotlib, 1998; Spasojević & Alloy, 2001). Rumination is the extended and unproductive analysis of one’s negative emotions, thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Rumination actually increases your negative emotions in a never ending trap of increasingly negative thoughts and emotions. The irony is that ruminating does not lead to solving the issues you are ruminating about. Rumination ACTUALLY KEEPS you from taking actions to solve the underlying problems.

Scientific literature has found differences, between ruminators and non-ruminators in how neurons fire between specific parts of the brain!! Science has further determined that the differences occur between parts of the brain that have developed functional roles during human evolution, so their performance is due to the environment. In other words, specific life experiences have programed your brain to create negative thoughts.

“You are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are programmed by your environment and collective consciousness. When you stop identifying with your thoughts, all your suffering ends. Silent Brain Training, is  the fastest way to get to the state of Enlightenment, the higher levels of consciousness! Once you reach this mountain peak, you will have left footprints in collective consciousness for the evolution of man to follow.”  ~ Kelly Granite Enck

During your Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Session you will learn the Silent Brain Training (SBT) technique and develop full control over your brain. When you no longer identify with your thoughts, you will have awakened to a higher level of consciousness, and have the ability to deliberately create your ideal reality. We will also clear the root cause event, that keeps your brain stuck. You have the ability to create your ideal reality, and it helps to clear the thoughts, traumas, and any limiting belief.

Book your 2-hour Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)  Zoom Session with Kelly Granite Enck, Hypnotherapist and Advanced Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Practitioner. Click the secure BOOK NOW button, which will take you to my calendar where you can pick a time and date in your own time zone that works for you. Allow extra time in case we go over the 2 hours. I work with my clients until their issues are fully resolved.  I look forward to helping you! Kelly


“You Create Your Own Reality” ~ Seth

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Sessions are Available for Children, Teens, and Adults


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Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) 

10718 Riviera PL NE Seattle Wa. 98125

Seattle Office: 206-507-3203

Doylestown Office: 215-840-0684


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