If you are looking for a great Past Live Regression Session you have found the right person! I recently trained under the famous Psychiatrist, Dr. Brain Weiss, who treated 1000 of his patients with Hypnosis to cure them. Dr. Weiss wrote many best selling books about his experiences and taught me the latest in induction and regression techniques. These sessions are for those that want to experience consciousness outside the brain meaning to understand this concept that our souls live on after this life you have to understand that consciousness exists outside the human brain. This means to me that the brain uses what is accessible to everyone. 

Imagine if humans were like the cells in our body,  the cells die and come back again and again, each time with the same unique blueprint, but each time having new experiences. Imagine if we humans do the same thing, instead of being inside a body we are in the body of consciousness of All That Is. This is a fun session because the subconscious mind never forgets anything, so if you get to the brainwaves, “Theta” your mind is in a relaxed state of focus and will recall anything you put your attention or focus on.

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