Cost of Hypnosis Sessions

Rapid Resolution Therapy- Hypnosis Session 

$200. for 2-hour session

Rapid Resolution Therapy, (RRT) is a hypnosis method which integrates the following modalities: Clinical Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP) Eye Movement Desensitization, and Reprocessing, (EMDR) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This session is designed to remove the emotion that is underlining the issue you want to resolve. Rapid Resolution Therapy is ideal to help with the following issues— Stress, Anxiety, Weight Gain, Addictions, Traumas, Pain Relief, Insomnia, OCD, ADHD, Depression, Sports Performance, Relationship Issues, School Issues, Test Anxiety, and it is ideal for Building Confidence and Self Esteem in Adolescents and Adults alike. All of these conditions can be resolved in just one Rapid Resolution Therapy Session. After years of helping my clients with their challenges in life, I have developed an intuitive ability that aids me in pinpointing the exact area that is causing the conditions. Once my clients are able to see their trigger and replace the limiting belief about it, their unwanted condition immediately goes away. Often their wildest dreams have been “smothered”, leaving them with no vision of the future. Together we dive into what they have loved in life and what they enjoy and voilà their dreams reveal themselves.

Once we have resolved your reason for seeing me, you may find new things to work on. I have an “Open Door” policy and invite the evolution of your happiness. Many of my clients find all areas of their life improving after just one Hypnosis Sessions and will occasionally drop in from time to time, whenever they want to work on something new.  

Standard Hypnosis Session Customized for My Clients.

$100. for 1-hour session

The ideal approach to resolving any issue is to start with the Rapid Resolution Therapy Hypnosis session because you will learn how to control your brain and stop “Ruminating Thoughts.” Ruminating thoughts are behind all the conditions that are bothering you and 70 percent of these thoughts are negative. After the Rapid Resolution Hypnosis session, your brain will be calm and ready for the one-hour hypnosis session for the reinforcement towards your new goals! You are welcome to skip the RRT session and sign up for the one-hour hypnosis session, but you will miss the greatest gift you could give yourself— a quiet brain, under your full control.

My one-hour hypnosis sessions are “Amazing” they are custom designed for my client’s needs and wants, which includes the relaxation technique for the hypnotic state which opens the subconscious mind to new suggestions. Once the mind hears these new goals, it moves quickly to act upon them. The brain wants to thrive and always takes direction from you. The old negative self-talk will be replaced by absolute certainty that you will succeed in the mission you set out to accomplish. Nothing will stop you with this approach!  In this one-hour hypnosis session, you will be lounging back eyes closed, and feeling as if you are going to fall asleep…the good news is the subconscious mind never forgets anything, even if you dozed off for a moment you would remember. You will be listening to your goals and experiencing them completed, which is a precursor to the direction your life will take after the hypnosis session. It will feel as if you are walking in a forest along a peaceful stream. The new empowering thoughts will run beneath the surface, as if unheard and unnoticed, the same way you breathe and your heart beats. Yet, the subconscious mind remembers everything and will begin to give your life its new meaning. Imagine the feelings you want to experience, and then look around its pure imagination. Hypnosis can help your body heal, thrive, sing, break habits, stop addictions, and sleep well at night!

“There is no life I know compared with Pure Imagination.”

My training is in Clinical Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP), Rapid Resolution Therapy, (RRT), Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Eye Movement Desensitization, and Reprocessing, (EMDR). Depending on my clients’ goals, I may use one or all of the following with the hypnosis session.

If you are in the area of Doylestown, Pennsylvania you can book a hypnosis session my office in the historical district of Doylestown, and if not, don’t worry, the Phone hypnosis session is equally as powerful because in both sessions your eyes will be closed. Hypnosis is ideal for replacing limiting beliefs with empowering motivation and drive! During your hypnosis session, your logical mind takes a vacation, while your subconscious goes to work for you. Click the “BOOK NOW” button and schedule yourself on my calendar and get ready to take control of your life. Learn to master your most powerful tool, your mind.

Hypnosis Session for Children & Teenagers

$200. for 2-hour session

This is a variation on the Rapid Resolution Therapy Hypnosis session, the only difference is that it is designed for children and teens. The goal of this hypnosis session is to help your child learn how to stop worrying and find within themselves love and pride. They will leave with tools to feel confident and certain that each step they take will be ideally suited for the outcome they hope to achieve in the end. The goal of a child Hypnosis Session is to build up their confidence and to teach them to trust their own intuition. They will also be able to control their own brains and stop “ruminating thoughts”, which are 70 percent negative. Having full control of your thoughts and feelings is the beginning of a happy, successful, and beautiful life! Helping children and teens is my favorite thing to do in the world because if you can teach them early how to feel good, it’s everlasting! Having control over your MIND is the most important lesson you can learn in life. I take this gift of teaching kids Self-Hypnosis to heart.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions, or click the red button to book your child’s appointment on my calendar.

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Payment is due upon booking, click the red button to schedule your session. I request at least 24-hour notice for cancellations or rescheduling of appointments. There is a $100 no-show fee.  If you prefer to pay with check or cash call me to schedule your appointment directly. I look forward to helping you! ” Suffering is only good if it teaches you how to stop suffering.”

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