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Rapid Resolution Therapy


Hypnosis Works. Our Mission

Rapid Resolution Therapy is a hypnosis method that “pinpoints” the emotion in your subconscious that is underlining the behavior you want to change. You may have triggers that cause you “Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Fears, Weight Gain, Lack of Confidence, Lack of Ambition, or these triggers may cause simple things like a bit of nervousness during your golf game.” Once this limiting emotion is discovered it can be observed with “indifference”, which removes the root cause and improves all aspects of your life. Hypnosis puts you into the Director’s chair and allows you to re-program your life towards your ideal. It’s interesting to learn that all of the events in your life, have in a way hypnotized you, and in just one hypnosis session you can remove what no longer works for you and create suggestions that will forever empower you.

I have trained in (NLP) Neuro-linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnosis, (EMDR), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  Rapid Resolution Therapy Hypnosis integrates all these modalities which is ideal to create permanent and lasting results. The session is interactive, you may feel like you are talking to a close friend in a relaxed state of focus during which you become the observer rather than the emotional experiencer. 

What is Hypnosis? It is a highly focused relaxation, the same state that you are in when you are watching a great movie or reading an engaging book. In this relaxed state, your rational mind takes a vacation and your sub-conscious mind talks. You will be awake and in full control during your session. The average Rapid Resolution Therapy session is 2 hours but may feel like twenty minutes.

Your eyes will be closed during most of your hypnosis session, so it will not matter if you are in my office or on the phone, the results will be the same. The key to resolving your issue is your comfort level during the hypnosis session.


We Listen.

You will hear my voice while in a light hypnotic state, it will feel familiar to you because I will be speaking to the innate wisdom within you. It almost feels like you are talking to your self in your head, as if back in time, reliving one of the best days of your life.  


We Create.

There is no way to fail in hypnosis, it is Scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve your health. On your first session, you will be given exercises to experience what hypnosis feels like before we begin your custom session. Every session positively imprints on everything else in your life, not just the habit, behavior or goal you came to me to resolve. You can never have too many hypnosis sessions. It surprises me that it is not a regular part of our lives. We create together all the time, now we can do it with powerful positive suggestions that are aimed at the challenges in your life.


We Elevate.

I look forward to taking you through a guided hypnosis session into the deepest part of your Sub-consciousness mind. Together we will accomplish your mission.

Meet Kelly Granite Enck

Neuro-linguistic Programming, NLP

Kelly Granite Enck


National Guild of Hypnosis

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