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Hypnosis Works. Our Mission

My hypnosis sessions target “hurtful events” in your past and permanently removes them. These events are often buried in your subconscious mind. You may not even know why you are feeling uneasy or triggered by certain things that happen in your day.

I have developed a techique to help you uncover the buried emotions and return you to your innate excitement for life! The process is like talking to a great friend in a relaxed state of focus during which you become the observer rather than the emotional experiencer. 

Here is where it gets interesting— when you change any hurt in your past, this changes your past, present, and future simultaneously, towards your ideal outcome. If you pay close attention you can actually see yourself pulling your ideal reality towards you, after just one session! This happens because your mind, does not know the difference between real and imagined, and it is always seeking the best possible outcome for you. The entire process is riveting as you discover your indomitable personality, who experiences the events, but is not the thoughts or the event. 

Every buried emotion from childhood causes adult triggers, often we are not even aware of why we feel the need to overeat, escape in alcohol, watch too much TV, gamble, shop, become addicts, feel anxious, stressed out, or have a feeling in our body of dis-ease. None of these feelings match with our natural innate state, which is to feel joyful and thrive! Instead, we are carrying buried emotions inside of us that manifest into issues we try to resolve with our rational mind. This does not work, because we can not rationally solve what is not rational, but rather a confused childhood fear! Thoughts always proceed emotions, and our emotions are coming from how we have processed past events. Change the event, change the emotional charge!

What is Hypnosis? It is a highly focused relaxation, the same state that you are in when you are watching a movie or reading an engaging book. In this relaxed state, your rational mind takes a vacation and your sub-conscious mind talks. 

My sessions begin with taking a short history of your life and then we play the game of using your body’s emotions to find the events in your past, that would be ideal to change. This process takes 2 hours and will be the most interesting experience of your life. 

Your eyes will be closed during most of your hypnosis session, so it will not matter if you are in my office or on the phone, the results will be the same. The key to resolving your issue is your comfort level during the hypnosis session. 


We Listen.

You will hear my voice while in a light hypnotic state, it will feel familiar to you because I will be speaking to the innate wisdom within you. It almost feels like you are talking to your self in your head, as if back in time, on one of the best days of your life.  


We Create.

There is no way to fail in hypnosis, it is Scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve your health. On your first session, you will be given exercises to experience what hypnosis feels like before we begin your custom session. Every session positively imprints on everything else in your life, not just the habit, behavior or goal you came to me to resolve. You can never have too many hypnosis sessions. It surprises me that it is not a regular part of our lives. We create together all the time, now we can do it with powerful positive suggestions that are aimed at the challenges in your life.


We Elevate.

I look forward to taking you through a guided hypnosis session into the deepest part of your Sub-consciousness mind. Together we will accomplish your mission.

Meet Kelly Granite Enck

Neuro-linguistic Programming, NLP

Kelly Granite Enck


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