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Hypnotherapy Service

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) cutting-edge Hypnotherapy for Rapid Results. Often in a Single RRT Therapy Session you can clear life-long issues with lasting results.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety!

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) is cutting-edge hypnotherapy for clearing Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fears, Phobias, Trauma, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, Anger, Guilt, Grief & Insomnia! You were born fearless, and then your brain began processing data from negative events in your environment that are playing in your head, like a record. Learn how to turn this recording off and return your brain to its natural state of thriving and joy!

Silent Brain Training

Master Your Brain, and become a Deliberate Creator, versus the victim/reactor of negative rumination. My Rapid Resolution Therapy Session includes Silent Brain Training! Learn how to turn off “monkey brain” the constant inner dialog, and live in the Present Moment, your Point of Power!

Suffering is only good if it teaches you how to stop suffering, that is its purpose.

Rapid Resolution Therapy

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) to Clear Trauma: Sexual Trauma, War Trauma, PTSD, and Generational Trauma. Rapid Resolution Therapy is designed to clear, resolve, and transform the most severe Traumatic events in one’s life. Dr. Jon Connelly, the creator of RRT has mastered stories that are used like NLP, to switch the brain from victim to hero, which is all it takes to clear trauma and some magic brain whispering by Hypnotherapist Kelly. 

Rapid Resolution Therapy for Healing

Rapid Resolution Therapy is cutting-edge hypnotherapy to clear the underlying causes of illness. You have all the power to heal yourself, remove the limiting beliefs, and quiet your mind to give your body the calm state it needs to heal physically from any illness. Maintain your medical doctors, I am serving as your mental coach.

Hypnosis for Confidence!

Rapid Resolution Therapy for Children & Teens, and Adults to Boost Confidence!

Your child was born fearless, if they have become fearful it is your job to give them the tools to free themselves from this nightmare, which is an illusion. Fear is caused by rumination and inner dialog, my Rapid Resolution Therapy Session frees your child from all fears, and gives them tools to continue the process of creating an amazing life with confidence!

Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

Rapid Resolution Therapy for Weight Lose!

Rapid Resolution Therapy for Weight Loss is fun! You will learn tricks to Master your Control over food forever! The goal of this session is to clear the root cause event that causes you to use food as a crutch in life instead of staying the POWERFUL CREATOR. Food was a good choice of all the crutches you could have picked, to hurrah, now let’s get rid of all crutches and master your control over food.

Reduce Stress for Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood

My Rapid Resolution Therapy Session will help you clear limiting beliefs and fears, which will enable you to create a calm body for pregnancy and childbirth. And when your wildest dreams have come true, you will be living in the present moment to enjoy it all.

Rapid Resolution Therapy to Quit Smoking & Vaping!

In two sessions, you can become free from your vaping and smoking addiction. Sign up for the Rapid Resolution Therapy 2-hour session to clear the root cause of why you are smoking, and then when you get your nicotine addiction down to below 10 cigarettes a day, you will come back for the last and final session and leave a non-smoker for life! I have a 100 percent success rate when a client is serious about quitting. I am very confident in my method, it’s been proven to work on hundreds of clients.

Hypnosis for Sports Performance 

Improve your Sports Performance by clearing all your limiting beliefs.

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) is cutting-edge Hypnotherapy for Clearing Sports Anxiety and Training the Brain to Stay in the Present Moment. The Present Moment is Your Point of Power, if your mind gets stuck on a negative belief, you take that belief into the next moment. Learn how to have full control over your brain.

Kelly Granite Enck, Hypnotherapist has worked with Olympic Athletes, Pro Athletes, D1 Players, and College Athletes in all sports. Become a Dragonslayer and conquer your fears! Once you learn the trick, they will not come back!

Hypnotherapy for Porn Addiction online.

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) Internet Addiction

Required 2 Sessions:

1. Start with the Rapid Resolution Therapy 2-hour Zoom Session, and learn to control your brain so that it does not control you.

2. Final follow-up session which is 90 minutes to tweak your progress. 

The great news is that the Rapid Resolution Therapy Session will improve every area of your life. 

 Cognitive Hypnotherapy (CBT) & Rapid Resolution Therapy

Milton H. Erickson, the famous 20th Century psychiatrist stated that formal hypnosis techniques such as the use of metaphors like (animal or landscape or another ‘agent’ that best represents the current problem), or those working with time perception, play important roles in helping patients with anxiety disorders and depression. This is known as Cognitive Hypnotherapy, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and hypnosis.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a solution-focused approach that combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and hypnosis. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is designed to help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave, as well as providing you with the tools to deal with your problems in a positive way. Hypnotherapy is a modern approach based on recent discoveries in neuroscience. We take from a mix of different therapeutic influences including the most effective elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Positive Psychology, Gestalt, Traditional Hypnotherapy, and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

I combined Cognitive Hypnotherapy with Hypnosis, NLP, and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), for a cutting-edge RRT session that often clears lifelong issues in a single session!


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Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) 

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